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Much more than a Bio Link.

Orbe is the most intuitive, accessible and authentic way to share your content with people on and off socials.

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1. Create your Bio Link page

Centralize all your content in one place.

Create your Bio Link page, make it your own, add your information, integrate it to your pixel, set UTM parameters, add your social networks and add links to your content.

2. Shorten your links

No more sharing long links.

Share your content with short, easy-to-read links. Integrate your links with pixel codes, protect with passwords and target the audience that will have access to the link.

3. Create QR codes

Just point your cell phone camera to access.

Share your Bio Link page and your Short Links in any type of material with customizable QR Codes. Just create, save and add to your materials.

4. Follow your statistics

Know when, where and how many accessed your links.

Get valuable insights about your audience, your Bio Link hits, short links, QR Codes and improve your strategy.

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Much more than
a Link in Bio.

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